Welcome to Girls Football

LGFC was set up in 2012 by two mums who wanted to encourage their daughters who were interested in football and support as many other girls locally as possible to play football. The sport seemed to be dominated by boys and faculties and opportunities were not there for girls to play. There seemed to be no expectation that girls would want to play and those who did, did not have the confidence to play in a mixed team (with a few exceptions) We also tried to address other barriers to participation; lack of income, lack of transport, lack of time/ enthusiasm of parents to support girls football as well as their sons whose football was often prioritised in the family. Also the girl’s lack of confidence in their ability and lack of role models (only seeing men’s teams play). Many girls and their parents didn’t take girls football seriously in that they didn’t have football boots and turned up in soft shoes and trainers with thin socks, so wasn’t able to fully participate or got cold or injured.

We started training in the local park and quickly grew from 10 girls to over 30 and had 2 full teams a year later that we entered into the following seasons league at South Manchester. The following season, having attracted younger girls to join (8 and 9 year olds) and with new volunteer coaches, from the University of Manchester women’s team, we were able to form a third team into the league. We were also joined by another woman coach whose own side had folded but who still had some girls wanting to continue playing.

Recognition of the achievements of the club have been in 2013 when our club secretary and coach Sharon Whelan was awarded the COACH OF THE YEAR 2013 by Manchester FA and following year Longford girls were awarded TRAFFORD CLUB OF THE YEAR 2014.

Longford Girls FC at Training Summer 2013